Sunday, February 6, 2011

Excellent criticism of my article, "If I ran an editorial page"

A newspaper editor to whom I sent "If I ran an editorial page" (see below), not for publication but because I thought he might be interested in it, sent me the following very thoughtful (and persuasive!) reply. I am posting it here, with his permission.

Dear Paul:

Thanks for these comments. By and large I have found that editorials need to stimulate, and to do that they can't seem indecisive. That's why question-mark editorials for me are the exception, and used only as a last resort. I don't usually intend to be wrong, but I would rather be wrong than sound tepid. I have found that making strong assertions is the best way to get reaction from people who know better. Especially in Corvallis, readers are not shy about telling me how misinformed or wrong-headed I am about lots of things. I could be wrong, again, but I don't think always and only asking what people think is the best way to operate an editorial page.

I'm grateful, obviously, for thoughtful readers such as you, and for your occasional contribution.

Best wishes,


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