Sunday, November 16, 2014

Important 1973 concepts paper now available at my website

I have just posted my 1973 paper,  "The Carrot and The Stick,"  on my website.    It shows the development of my analysis of human associations as of 1972,  when I wrote the paper.  The table of associations presented was inadequate,  so before my 1981 college textbook came out I added a third type of associations on the horizontal axis and rearranged that axis (to make it jibe with my analysis of satisfaction in terms of which I distinguish sanctions and inducements).  But I still think the paper, which was published in the Michigan Academician in 1973,  does a decent job of explaining a lot of my basic concepts.

I have also posted several other things that I wrote in the early 1970s that illustrate my groping for concepts with which to systematically think about associations.  

All of these writings are on the Fundamental Concepts page.

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