Thursday, July 26, 2012

A Larsonian explanation of "Entanglement"???

A Larsonian explanation of “entanglement?

Paul F. deLespinasse
Corvallis, Oregon

Author’s note: This tentative analysis  is work in progress.   I put it  forward for discussion and criticism.

The theoretical universe of Dewey B. Larson rests on a scalar space-time progression that,  in the context of a 3-dimensional Space Arrested Reference System (SARS) or a 3-dimensional Time Arrested Reference System (TARS),  moves “outward”  at the speed of light.   A SARS is established by material atoms whose motions cancel the outward progression of space and form aggregates.  A TARS is established by cosmic atoms whose motions cancel the outward progression of time and form aggregates.     

In the Larsonian universe what we conventionally regard as “space” is nothing more than locations in a Space Arrested Reference System.    As in Einstein’s universe,  nothing can change its location in this “space” faster than the speed of light.

Entangled photons, however,  appear to “communicate” with each other instantly no matter how widely they are separated.   This is considered something that cannot be explained since it appears to violate the speed of light limit accepted by Einstein and Larson.

When a photon originates from a location in space,  in Larson’s system it does not change its location in space-time but is swept outward at the speed of light  relative to a SARS centered on the material aggregate from which it originated.  The direction in the three-dimensional SARS taken by a particular photon is determined by probability considerations.

Two photons originating simultaneously at the same space location and therefore possibly entangled will therefore remain at the same location in the space-time progression no matter how widely separated they become in the context of a Space Arrested Reference System.  There is therefore no need for them to “communicate” through the SARS, and no violation of the speed of light limit for such communications, since they remain in the same location in the space-time progression.

Comment:  It is unclear to me how this explanation of entangled photons, if it is correct, could apply to entanglement of  particles which have mass, since in the Larsonian system such particles do change their locations relative to the progression, unlike photons which remain in the same location in the progression and are swept along relative to a SARS or TARS by the speed-of-light  progression.

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