Sunday, March 21, 2010

As we await Congressional action on health care this afternoon, I read a wonderful letter in the Adrian Daily Telegram (Michigan). It puts the case very neatly that even those of us with good insurance now cannot assume we won't lose it.

I am still not sure whether the current legislation is a good idea. It is beginning to look like we will find out.

Pass health insurance

To the editor,

I have never written a letter to the editor, maybe I was saving up for this one. I love our generous, giving country and all of the generous, giving people who live here. I am proud that we as a nation and as individuals step up and come to the aid of those less fortunate in time of disaster.

As I read Wednesday’s Telegram, I felt disappointed and heartsick. For many in our country, this is their earthquake, tsunami, tornado and hurricane all rolled into one. Approximately 47 million Americans have no or inadequate health care, but many seem not to care. As I read the full-page ad asking Mark Schauer to vote “no” on the health care reform bill, I realized that I know many of the people who are in favor of denying health care to those in need. There was one common denominator among those I know, though I admit that I don’t know all on the list. That common denominator is that they have health care. They all are able to be treated for the serious and the common health issues which face all of us.

The people I know on the list are all very hard workers. They are good people. They deserve everything they have. For those of you who signed the ad, I only wish you the best.

May you always be healthy.

May you never lose your job, thereby losing your health insurance.

May you never lose your health insurance and have a “pre-existing condition” which keeps you from securing subsequent healthcare.

May you never have to choose between medication and food.

May you never have to ignore a lump, an ache or a pain because you can’t afford a visit to the doctor.

May you never have a health emergency which puts you so far in debt you are forced to lose your home.

May your children and grandchildren always be healthy because your health insurance covers the little things which sometimes become big things.

May you take five minutes every day to realize how lucky you are and what you are denying to the less fortunate. If you have positive ideas for providing health care to the approximately 47 million un- or underinsured, please share those ideas with Mark Schauer. I would gladly pay more taxes so that every man, woman and child in our great country would have adequate health care.

Jan Parson

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