Friday, December 18, 2009

Does Vallejo, California lead the way forward?

An interesting article about providing health care to "illegal aliens" and probably saving money to boot, in Vallejo, California. Read it here.

Together with the abortion issue, possible coverage for "illegals" has been an obstacle to the health care reform legislation that has been slithering its way through Congress. Apparently for many people, the possibility that diverting these people from emergency rooms might actually save taxpayer and premium-payer money is outweighed by their "principles."

I always pay attention to news from Vallejo, having graduated from high school there in 1957. I was saddened by the news some months ago that it had become (I think) the first city in the U.S. to declare bankruptcy as a result of the current meltdown. I hope that not many other cities will follow Vallejo in this path.

However it would be nice if other places emulated the Vallejo experiment in providing medical care for our "undocumented" brothers and sisters.

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